Monture Africa offers client support in Agricultural Value chains to help the farmers increase profitability by embracing farming as a business. Farmers are empowered with information on global marketing trends and the available opportunities.

Monture Africa works with other players and investors in this industry to offer advisory services promote quality service delivery, access to affordable farm inputs/equipment and machinery and help farmers engage in lasting and profitable sales and marketing agreements.


Expertise Support is offered through:

  • Trainings
  • Development of Business and Strategic Plans
  • Setting Market research guidelines and development of Marketing Plans.
  • Designing a Market- Entry strategy
  • Growth and Performance tracking
  • Preparation of farmers for funding and linkage to financial service providers
  • Designing Monitoring and Evaluation Tools


"Agribusiness and food processing are important parts of modernizing our economy, of modernizing our agriculture into a phase where a more modernized agriculture helps not only farmers but also helps consumers."
Manmohan Singh

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Monture Africa Ltd

ADD: P.O. Box 16654 - 00620 Nairobi Kenya

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PHONE: +254 796 769 958, +254 796 769 958

About Us

We work with development projects in the community and offering support through Trainings, Capacity Building, mentorship and Linkages to relevant partners to enhance sustainability

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